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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre

YSL will be launching 13 new lipstick colours for Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre collection next week in Hong Kong. I really really hope these will be coming to Australia very soon although we will only get to see 12 colours because there is one colour being an Asian exclusive limited edition. I'll die if I can't get my buddies in Hong Kong to get me one!

Below pictures are taken from

Don't you just feel like buying all these?? I do!

#Rose Parisien - Limited Edition for Asia

Look at this purple!!!

What Yves Saint Laurent said

Discreet meeting of gold reflects and colour
A game of variations, a magic fusion.
Purity of light and lightness of pigments.

Lloyd Simmonds reinterprets the iconic gold of Yves Saint Laurent through a collection of lip colours subtly infused with yellow, white and pink gold pearls.

ROUGE PUR COURTURE GOLDEN LUSTRE, variations on a theme for lips as sublime as the most beautiful jewellery.

Here's a link to the Hong Kong Launch Event Video if any of you beauties are keen. P.S. some of the celebrities are speaking in Cantonese while some models speak English, but you'll at least get a sneak peek of the collection!

Hopefully I will have another post when I get my hands on the Rose Parisien!

Alicee x


  1. Oh what a gorgeous purple shade, my favourite colour, pity that it doesn't suit me in a lipstick. It would rock with the right complexion though ;) Great post darl :)

  2. @melmeko thanks gorgeous, I won't be game enough to wear purple lipstick neither but definitely a great colout to keep :)