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Monday, 10 October 2011

Review: Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free

Kiehl's is a New York-based skin and hair care brand founded as a classic pharmacy in the America 160 years ago. In 2010, Kiehl's sold over 1,480,000 pieces of the iconic Ultra Facial Cream around the world!

I tried the Ultra Facial Moisturiser some time ago but I find it's not too suitable for my oily combination skin type. It feels lightweight when I apply it onto my skin but my face doesn't like it and the oil shine through a few minutes later. I have to give up using it before I start getting any breakouts. When I find out the new Oil-Free collection is launched, I'm very dlighted to be sent the clener and toner to try and I've bought the gel cream to use with them too!

Cleaner, Toner & Gel Cream

What Kiehl's said:

The range consists of an Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser, Toner and Gel Cream which provides all-day hydration plus 24-hour shine control. The result is a healthier, fresher and more balanced complexion.

It's oil-free, paraban-free, silicone-free, dye-free and fragrance-free to help rebalance skin's hydration levels and provide all-day no-shine moisture to skin in three unique ways:
  1. Rebalanced Skin - the skincare regime works to ensure the correct balance of oils and hydration for a healthy skin barrier.
  2. Oil-free Skin Conditioners - highly compatible with normal to oily skin, the oil-free skin conditioners work with the natural lipids of the skin to control shine for up to 24 hours.
  3. Gentle but Effective Formulations - safe for even sensitive skin, Ultra Facial Oil-Free formulas do not irritate skin or over activate it, a common cause of over-production of oil.
What I think:

So this collection sounds like the perfect skincare for my skin type as I've always got an oily T-zone and normal cheek. Something interesting I'll like to reveal is that when I start using these products, my hubby also got attracted by the blue packaging. Yes he even start using the cleanser too! I suppose the oil-free range is suitable for men as they tend to have oily or oily combination skin type.

Now, here's my thoughts:
  • Cleaner - 150ml for AU$26.00
This is a foaming foaming cleanser which foams up into a creamy lather which feels very nice and mild on my skin without making me feeling too dry at all. I feel it removes the impurities and excess oil thoroughly even in the 1st cleanse (if you remember, I always double cleanse morning and night) so when I do the 2nd cleanse, I use only half the amount of cleanser. My skin is fresh and clean after using the cleanser.
*Hubby thinks: this is a great cleaner leaving him feeling refreshed, non-stripping and clean. He likes it very much which means I will get him more after finishing this one.
  • Toner - 250ml for AU$28.00
I must confess I was never really a toner girl. I tend to skip toner from my skincare routine most of the time becuase most of the toner I tried contain alcohol and I don't like the stingy feeling on my skin. This toner is surprisingly very gentle and contains no alcohol. It helps to remove any remaining residues or dirts which hydrating and freshen up my skin. Now I start to enjoy using toner before applying any serum or moisturiser.
  • Gel Cream - 50ml for AU$34.00
The watery liquidy gel cream - I likey!
The Ultra Facial Oil-Free gel cream is has got a watery, almost like liquid texture which I quite like because it feels much more lightweight compared to the Ultra Facial Moisturiser. The gel texture helps absorbing quickly into my skin. It's fragrance-free and suitable for sensitive skin, however I find there's a very light acidic smell to it after putting onto my skin. I wish there isn't any smell to it, then I will enjoy using this gel cream a lot more. 
Some products in the post have been sent to me for consideration and review but all opinions made are 100% my thoughts or experiences. 


  1. I love Kiehl's but sorry to read that the gel cream has that smell. Not good. Thank you for the post. Very helpful! x

  2. :) thank you for the information as i was thinking for trying this product as well cuz my skin is also oily skin type..might have to reconsider..:)

  3. @Michelle, the Cleanser & Toner is highly recommended. As for the Gel Cream, best to check out your local Kiehl's and ask for a sample satchel to trial before making a decision :)