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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Mecca Bah @ Emporium, Fortitude Valley

A friend of mine from Hong Kong made a short visit in Brisbane last week so we caught up for lunch before she leaves. Hubby, & I took her to Emporium in Fortitude Valley which is nearby to the hotel she stayed. We've picked Mecca Bah out of all the restaurants at Emporium because it looks like the most popular one and I've rea good reviews of it on Urbanspoon.

The staff greeted us as soon as we walked in and we picked a table outisde given the weather is nice and breezy. The munu is a simple one-page menu with reasonably good variety of entree, salasd, mains and sides. The three of us ordered just 2 mains to share as we planned to have desserts at Freestle Tout which is just opposite to Mecca Bah. The waiter politely asked if we need any entrees to start with because 2 mains might not be enough for 3 persons. So I told him our plan for dessert. Then my friend ordered a Ginfer Beer which she compliments it's the best Ginger Beer she's tried. I didn't take picture of it but I can tell you it's Baundabery Ginge Beer. I got a Lemon Lime Bitters which tastes refreshing and not overly sweet. I quite enjoyed it.

Our first main arrived in about 15 mins which is reasonable. The Spiced lamb kebab with fragrant rice pilaf and yoghurt sauce smells gorgeous. The size of the Spiced Lamb is quite decent. The meat is tender and moist. The fragrant rice is cooked perfectly with a good balance of acidity. I guess they used lemon juice as the finishing touch to the rice.

Spiced Lamb, Fragrant pilaf, Yoghurt sauce

We ordered Spiced chicken with eggplant, rocket & tahini sauce Turkish Pizza for our second main. Turkish Pizza seems like one of the most popular dishes being ordered at Mecca Bah. Presentation is great. I like how the rocket is topped on the pizza. Taste-wise the pizza is pretty good although the eggplant seems not cooked enough to my liking.

Spiced Chicken Turkish Pizza
Overall, the dining experience is quite enjoyable and I would definitely go back and try more dishes from the menu.

Mecca Bah on Urbanspoon

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